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Oil-Filled Shunt Reactors

Gilbert Electrical Systems is the leader in oil filled and shunt reactors. Shunt reactors are used for adding lagging VARs to compensate for capacitive generation in long cable runs.

Under normal operation of a power system the current is essentially determined by the connected ohmic and inductive loads. High voltage transmission lines and cables however have an inherent capacitance, causing a capacitive charging current. Thus capacitive VArs are generated. In lightly loaded lines or cables this capacitive current will increase the voltage at the end of the line. By the use of shunt reactors the capacitive VARS will be compensated and the voltage increase at the end of the line will be limited. The efficiency of the power system will be increased by allowing the transmission of more active energy.

Gilbert Electrical Systems has built oil-filled pad mount shunt reactors up to 25 kV, both single phase and three phase.

Three Phase Live Front Single Phase Dead Front Single Phase Pole Mounted
34.5 kV, 2.67 MVAR
Oil Filled Shunt Reactor 
Three Phase Dead Front

Essentially, shunt reactors are sized in the same manner as adding capacitors, by changing the power factor.

These reactors can be three-phase, single phase, and live or dead front, pad mounted design. Or can be single-phase pole mounted design.

Gilbert Electrical Systems shunt reactors are built to IEEE Std. C57.21. This is for reactors 500 KVA and over. However, on smaller reactors we use this standard as our guide.

Our pad mounted shunt reactors are built with COPPER WINDINGS and use magnet wire.

The tank is filled with a transformer MINERAL OIL.

The iron core reactor is placed in a ¼ INCH TANK

The air cabinet is constructed of 11GA pickled and oiled welded steel painted with DuPont Powder Coat paint.