Metal Enclosed Low Profile (MELP) Capacitor Bank

Gilbert Electrical Systems bare apparatus enclosure (also known as: Transclosure) style metal enclosed capacitor assemblies are designed to meet a wide variety of single step capacitor applications for utility and industrial customers.

Gilbert Electrical Systems | Metal Enclosed Low Profile (MELP) Capacitor Bank | Beaver, West VirginiaMELP distribution capacitor banks are typically used in residential and commercial areas where aesthetics are particularly important.
Standard assemblies are available as low as 50 KVAR and as large as 3000 KVAR for 5 to 15 kV applications.

MELP capacitor assemblies can offer cost savings over open-type capacitor assemblies in several ways

•More KVAR can be furnished in a smaller area saving in "real-estate" costs.
•The assemblies come pre-assembled and installation site assembly is minimal allowing a substantial savings in labor and equipment  costs.
•The enclosure is tamper resistant and meets ANSI standard C57.12.28 enclosure integrity requirement providing safety for operating personnel. Also, reduces operating costs by protecting the equipment from wildlife and mischievous vandalism.
•The tamper resistant feature allows the assembly to be placed in a non-fenced area saving cost and reduces space limitations.
•The enclosure is durable 11gage sheet steel with positive three point latched doors.
•Application versatility with the addition of many options and controls within the assembly.
•Assemblies can be placed indoor as well as outdoor locations.
•Assemblies can be live or dead-front applications.

MELP basic options are, but not limited to, the following

Bank connections: grounded WYE, ungrounded WYE or delta.

Single-phase capacitors through 14.4KV or three phase capacitors through 13.8KV are available.

Vacuum or oil switches (vacuum contactors for 5KV applications) for automatic switching.

Incoming cable arrangements for live-front underground entrance or dead-front with radial or loop feed.

Control power transformer.

Current limiting reactors (manufactured by Gilbert Electrical Systems).

Surge arresters.

Key interlocks.

Pentahead-bolted doors.

Standard paint Guardian green finish-paint Munsell 7.0GY3.29/1.5. ANSI gray 61, or 70 are also available. Other colors can be furnished.

Standard material is 11-gage mild steel. Galvaneal steel is available.

Capacitor Units

Gilbert Electrical Systems MELP capacitor assemblies are furnished with field-proven highly reliable all-film capacitors. The capacitors are designed with low operating temperature, reduced tank rupture hazard and are properly fused.

Assemblies using single-phase capacitors through 14.4KV or three-phase capacitors through 13.8 kV are available as standard.

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