Metal Enclosed Harmonic Filter Banks

Metal Enclosed Harmonic Filter BanksGilbert Electrical Systems has been analyzing, engineering, designing and manufacturing harmonic filter assemblies since 1983. We have been well aware of the need in this field to provide solutions to power factor and harmonic problems. We address these problems with a well-staffed engineering and study group. We will analyze our customers’ needs and provide a well-engineered system that will satisfy these needs with a package of the highest quality that is unsurpassed in the market.

Utilities and industrials have had to address harmonics and the associated problems that harmonics create. Gilbert Electrical Systems has furnished many custom designed passive shunt harmonic filter packages. With our engineering capabilities we can design the banks from data collected by our engineers or, the customer’s sources.

HARMONICS create many problems on customer’s systems such as:
  • Metal Enclosed Harmonic Filter BanksAbnormal Heating of Equipment
  • Transformer failure or life reduction
  • Excessive capacitor fuse failures
  • Capacitor problems
  • Equipment operation problems or damage
  • Interference to communications
  • Excessive voltage distortion
  • Possible relay and metering problems
Capacitor/Filter Features:

We manufacture passive shunt harmonic filter equipment that consists of capacitor banks, reactors and sometimes, resistors. The filters can be furnished in Metal Enclosures, on Open Racks or for Pole Mounting.

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