Average Household Electricity Use Globally
Posted By:  Amy Wagner
Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Have you ever wondered how much electricity a typical household in the US uses and how that might compare to households in other parts of the world? You might guess that homes in the United States use the most energy, and you would almost be right. American homes do use enough electricity to put us at the top of the pack, but our neighbors to the north actually use a little more each day than we do.

In 2010 the annual electricity consumption (kWh/year) for the average households in the following countries were:

Nigeria: 570

India: 900

China: 1349

Mexico: 1809

Brazil: 1834

Russia: 2419

Italy: 2777

Germany: 3512

Spain: 4131

South Africa: 4389

UK: 4648

Japan: 5513

France: 6343

Australia: 7227

United States: 11698

Canada: 11879

Perhaps the most interesting thing about these numbers is the difference between how much electricity the average European household uses compared to the average North American home.

Some of the factors that cause North American homes to consume more energy than other developed nations include household size, appliance standards, electricity prices, and access to alternative fuel sources.

When these numbers are broken down into per capita figures, Americans and Canadians use about 4,500 kWh per year, which is about 6 times the global average and more than double average European per capita rates.

Many electricity providers offer tips for reducing energy consumption and opportunities for choosing alternative energy sources such as solar and wind. There are also opportunities to offset energy use through global NGO’s such as COTAP.

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