Inside the Job: Electrical Draftsman
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Monday, October 26, 2015

As we’re all about electrical systems and products at our facility, it only makes sense that our hardworking team is not only knowledgeable about the subject, but also that our employees are passionate about what they do. Not everyone has to be directly involved with electrical wares, as we have several employees in both our engineering staff and our manufacturing and service staff. Such is the case with electrical draftsmen.

Oftentimes just referred to as “drafters,” electrical draftsmen do what their job title states: they draft up electrical systems. You most likely won’t see electrical draftsmen on the frontline, as they do more behind-the-scenes work. In general, drafters are the people who create and prepare technical drawings or plans, all while under the direction of an engineer, architect, or scientist. In the case of an electrical draftsman, an engineer is — more often than not — the director. More specifically, electrical draftsmen prepare and design working drawings, wiring layouts and diagrams, wiring connection specifications, dimensions of electrical systems, draw master sketches, and reproduce their technical drawings.

Most recently (and the technique GES uses), many industries aren’t having drafters draw and design their diagrams just by hand anymore. Electrical draftsmen, as well as draftsmen who work in other industries, are turning to computer software. It’s not that a draftsman in one specific industry was such a horrible designer that every industry decided draftsmen should switch over to computer software (if that were the case, then those draftsmen were in the wrong line of work). Rather, as the years went by, technology advanced, and so did the way drafters work. At GES and other workplaces that require drafters, we now use computer-aided design (CAD) systems so the work our electrical draftsmen do is completed on time and is an accurate design.

Computer-aided design systems help drafters in numerous ways. Instead of erasing or starting a drawing all over again, our electrical draftsmen can use the software to view their drawings and designs, as well as edit, save, update, print, prepare variations of a design, etc., and it can all be saved on the computer (no need to make multiple copies by hand). At GES, we use AutoCAD software in order for our drafters to create drawings and designs. But, other industries may use other software or systems, and they even vary from 2-D to 3-D programs. For our team, AutoCAD significantly helps by making the measurements, wiring designs, and even installation procedures so accurate, our electrical draftsmen don’t have to do the same work twice.

So why are electrical draftsmen so important in the creation of electrical systems and products? Well, specifically here at GES, our team consists of a wide range of professions. For both our engineering staff and our manufacturing and service staff to be able to complete their jobs involving electrical systems and products, an electrical draftsman is needed. The draftsmen prepare, draw, and design several aspects of the electrical products we produce. However, for our team that works on building, installing, or repairing those electrical products, they wouldn’t be able to complete their duties without a draftsman drafting up an electrical system.

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