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Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Last month’s post may have taught you more about the welding profession and more about a few common types of welding, but the information on this craft — one that can work on electrical products — doesn’t end there. Hollywood may have you believe this is an unloved job that only the uninformed can obtain. From the facts gathered for this post, there is much more to welding than the layman may know.

For the curious, the first and foremost intriguing part behind the welding career is the education needed to become a master welder actually varies. Certification can be voluntary — depending on the company you work for and the state’s requirements. In many job settings, there isn’t a need to pursue postsecondary education; an apprenticeship under another proficient welder is the only other kind of education needed. Other potential employers may require further education — no matter what industry you’re interested in or the type of welding it calls for. For those welding jobs, a good place to start is by looking at vocational schools, community colleges, or even private welding programs/schools.

Wherever you may study welding, and wherever you will hone those welding skills, below are a few engaging facts about this career that can have you working with electrical products.

Long before the technology we have today was available, people were welding. One of the first known uses of iron welding was the construction of the Iron Pillar of Delhi, which was constructed in A.D. 310. Constructed in Delhi, India, the pillar weighs 5.4 metric tons.

welding, electrical products, welder, welders, electrical
The iron pillar in the Qutb complex near Delhi, India. (Photo: Mark A. Wilson/Wikimedia Commons)

Yes, welding is mainly conducted in controlled conditions (such is the case when working with electrical products), but developments have allowed for welding to be conducted in some not-so-controlled environments. Open air and underwater welding are becoming more and more common. In 1969, Russian cosmonauts aboard the Soyuz 6 were the first to experiment with welding in space.

 welding, electrical products, welder, welders, electrical
Russian cosmonauts conducted many welding experiments while in space. (Photo: American Welding Society)

While Tulsa Welding School reports that two out of three welding jobs are in manufacturing, you won’t always work on manufacturing electrical products and systems. A welder may be able to work on manufacturing racecars! For one car that will be used in a NASCAR race? It takes 950 man-hours to weld and fabricate each car.

You aren’t limited to one field when working in welding; those pursuing advancement as a welder can work in engineering, robotics, inspection, sales, education, and countless other fields.

Welders are needed in essentially every industry, aside from the electrical world. Another plus to pursuing this career? Skilled and practiced welders are always in high demand.

It’s easy to see that choosing a path as a welder means the career comes with a great deal of hard work. But it isn’t all dirty work that goes unappreciated, as Hollywood and other portrayals of this career that often works with electrical products may have you think.

For more information on the background and education the Gilbert Electrical Systems team requires our welders to have, Contact Us today.

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