Useful Smartphone Apps for Electricians
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Tuesday, August 19, 2014

If you take a look around a crowded room, you’ll probably notice everyone has some form of smartphone. While many people may just being using their phones to play Angry Birds, phones can be as useful for the electrical business as any other business. With many professions in the electrical systems industry, there are numerous apps to help people with different jobs. If you’re an electrician, electrical contractor or are just interested in the industry, take a look at these apps we’ve found that we think can be useful to you.

Electrical Pro — This app incorporates over 250 formulas with 150 charts to help you with difficult calculations. All formulas are given in AWG and Mil for both imperial and metric systems. Need to check results at a later time? Every result in this app can be saved and can also be sent to an email or printed for later reference. There are even safety codes included. Grab up this app for $6.99 but make sure you have iOS 4.3 or later first.

iCircuit — The primary function of this app is to help you design and experiment with circuits. The app works in a way that allows you to test circuits digitally. iCircuit includes over 30 elements, such as MOSFETS and simple resistors, to let you build your own circuits. Because of all the options and elements this app offers, it does cost $9.99. But with four stars from 898 ratings, it’s hard to turn the app down. iCircuit requires iOS 4.3 or later.

Engineering Calc — For students and professionals alike, this app is meant to be used as a reference tool for electrical or radio frequency engineering. Need to know the resistor and capacitor values based on color codes? How about the other way around? This app does it for you! Plus, you can calculate electrical values based on Ohm’s Law. For radio frequency engineering, the app includes a Smith Chart diagram. Download this app for free and make sure you have iOS 4.2 or later.

Conduit Runner Pro — This is an app designed to solely calculate conduit bends and fills. It does have other features, though, such as a length converter, pull box sizing and AWG-Metric wire converter (not NEC). Calculations this app can do include: 3-bend saddle, corner obstacle, percentage fill and number wires per conduit, among others. Download Conduit Runner Pro for $0.99 and have Android software 1.5 and up.

Electrical Wiring Pro — There is a 2011 and 2014 version of this app. The 2014 version is updated to include new 2014 National Electric Code items such as revised electrical nonmetallic tubing sizing. Both apps have the same function of determining proper wire size for a job. The app has residential/load calculations, conduit fill and conduit bending information, voltage drop and wire/device info. Though the 2014 version is updated for code, reviewers say it crashes and prefer the 2011 counterpart. The 2011 version costs $3.99. The 2014 version is $1.99 and requires Android software 2.2 and up.

ElectroDroid — At four stars and 64,793 reviews, ElectroDroid is an extremely popular Android app. The app contains a wide collection of electrical tools and references. There is an Ohm’s Law calculator, a voltage divider, battery life calculator, decibel converter and wye-delta transformation. Those are just a few of the features the app offers — there are numerous others! Download the app for free to use on the job or anywhere. But, be forewarned, as the app is free there are ads.

What smartphone apps do you use on the job or for a hobby? If there were some other well-reviewed apps for electricians, electrical contractors or hobbyists that we missed in this post, let us know in the comments what you want reviewed next.

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