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Wednesday, May 21, 2014

While this year it may have seemed like winter lasted much longer than it should have, pleasant weather is finally on the horizon. Along with this rise in temperature, home-cooling costs can also rise. Take these few tips from us to not only keep your home cool this summer, but also to keep your wallet full.

It may be an obvious idea, but adjusting the thermostat to a temperature that is only a few degrees different than the outdoor climate can help lower the overall cost of a cooling bill. 

Another way to lower that cost is to set the temperature to a higher number when you are out of the house. Off to work or gone on vacation? Keep the house warm, but change it to what is comfortable for you when you are back. But don’t forget about pets when you are away. (Think of all that fur!)      

If you are setting a thermostat for an air conditioner, we have one last tip for you. Don’t set the thermostat to a lower setting than normal when running the AC. Despite the fact this may seem like it will get the house colder faster, it won’t. It might make the climate too cold for you and may even rack up in more money.

Though it may get sweltering hot during the day, once the sun goes down, so does the temperature. Turn off the AC at night and throw open windows throughout the house. But once you wake up in the morning, it’s best to shut the windows to keep the heat at bay. 

Use your windows as a form of light source. Turn off any unnecessary lights during the day and open windows and blinds to let natural light into your home. This helps to lower electric costs and being exposed to more sunlight throughout the day can always help improve a person’s mood. 

Clear as it may be, lighting fixtures and bulbs run differently depending on what type you are using. Incandescent bulbs give off most of the energy they use in the form of heat. Other, more energy-efficient bulbs, such as compact fluorescent bulbs, use less electricity, in fact, only about one-fourth of the energy incandescent bulbs use. Switching just a few bulbs in your house to compact fluorescent ones cannot only help cut back on your bills, but they will pay for themselves — these babies last about 10 times longer than incandescent bulbs! 

Ceiling and portable fans are also great gadgets to keep the air blowing throughout your house. Don’t want to give up on your AC just yet? Don’t worry; using ceiling fans with the air conditioning running will enable you to raise the thermostat temperature by a few degrees, thus efficiently lowering your bill and not lowering your relaxation level.

You can also lower your bill by turning off fans. Not all the time, just when you leave the room or when you are leaving your house. This is similar to changing the temperature on the thermostat when you aren’t at home; if no one is there, there isn’t a need to keep the house cold!

These are just a few helpful tips to keep your home-cooling costs low and to help run an energy-efficient home. Do you have an idea to keep electric costs low? Let us know what your tips and tricks are, Gilbert Electrical Systems always wants to be “plugged in” when it comes to electric information!

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